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September 15, 2022Fitch Upgrades ForteBank Rating to “BB-“, Stable Outlook

On 14 September 2022 the international rating agency Fitch Ratings upgraded the Long-Term Issuer Default Rating of ForteBank to BB-, with Stable outlook.
July 14, 2022Bekzhan Pirmatov Appointed as CEO of ForteBank

Bekzhan Pirmatov Appointed as CEO of ForteBank
July 8, 2022International rating agency S&P Global Ratings upgraded the ratings of ForteBank from “B+” to “BВ-”, outlook “Stable”

The ratings has been raised on the stronger capitalization
June 21, 2022Reinis Rubenis Resigns as CEO of ForteBank

The Board of Directors of ForteBank announced a preterm resignation of Reinis Rubenis from the position of CEO on personal reasons effective from 15 July 2022. Reinis took over as CEO of ForteBank on 10 January 2022, before this appointment he had been the CEO of Swedbank Latvia for five years.


among second-tier banks

As of 01 March 2022, ForteBank ranks 5th in terms of assets among the second-tier banks in Kazakhstan.


capital adequacy

The capital adequacy ratio, which measures the ratio of the Bank’s equity to risk-weighted assets (К2), as of 01 January 2022, was 24.0% at a statutory ratio of no less than 5.5%.

+ 21%

net profit

Net profit for 2021 is 21% higher the similar indicator for 2020.